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Physical Therapist Assistant
Prepares the student for employment as a physical therapist assistant. The physical therapist assistant, working under the supervision of a registered physical therapist, assists in the provision of physical therapy services prescribed by a physician, such as electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, thermotherapy, massage, therapeutic exercise and rehabilitation activities.

San Diego Mesa College
Physical Therapist Assistant Program website
Physical Therapist Assistant Career Pathway
San Diego Mesa College
Physical Therapist Assistant
Program PrerequisitesUnits
BIOL 160, Elements of Human Anatomy and Physiology
OR BIOL 230, Human Anatomy and BIOL 235, Human Physiology
ENGL 101, Reading & Composition3
MATH 96 Intermediate Algebra and Geometry5
Courses Required for the Major:Units
PHYR 50, Physical Therapy Introduction2
PHYR 54, Introduction to Human Movement3
PHYR 56, Physical Therapy Techniques I2
PHYR 56L, Physical Therapy Techniques I - Lab2
PHYR 62, Introduction to Pathology3
PHYR 63, Introduction to Therapeutic Exercise2
PHYR 66, Physical Therapy Techniques II2
PHYR 66L, Physical Therapy Techniques II - Lab2
PHYR 77, Orthopedic Exercise and Rehabilitation2
PHYR 77L, Orthopedic Exercise and Rehabilitation - Lab2
PHYR 78, Topics in Neurology and Rehabilitation1.5
PHYR 78L, Topics in Neurology and Rehabilitation - Lab1
PHYR 81, Organization of Physical Therapy2
PHYR 70, Directed Clinical Practice2
PHYR 80, Directed Clinical Practice5
Total Units = 33.5
San Diego Mesa College
*Note: An associate degree is awarded by the San Diego Community College District colleges in recognition of completion of a minimum of 60 units of specified requirements. See the college catalog for details.